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Meet Our Team

The Patient-Partnered Diagnostic Center of Excellence takes advantage of the complementary expertise of our transdisciplinary team of health services researchers, human factors engineers, clinical medicine, diagnosticians, informatics, data science, and patient partners. Click on our team members below to learn more!

PPDCE Leadership

The Center is co-led by Dr. Kristen Miller (MedStar), Dr. Kelly Smith (University of Toronto), Dr. Traber Giardina (Baylor College of Medicine), and patient advocate and expert, Helen Haskell (Mother's Against Medical Error). 

PPDCE Steering Committee

An incredible patient-led Steering Committee drives the Center's research team, research questions, methodologies, and approaches to improving diagnostic safety.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Center is strengthened by a team of scientific experts that help guide the work along with our patient partners. These individuals bring expertise in diagnostic safety, healthcare improvement, nursing, medicine, evaluation, and patient safety. 

Research Team Members

Research team members from MedStar Health, Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Toronto, and Michael Garron Hospital support the Center's leadership in carrying out research activities. The research team's experience with human factors, health IT, qualitative and quantitative data, health equity, patient partnerships, implementation science, and machine learning are well aligned with the goals of our four workstreams. 

Research Students

An international team of research students provides support for the Center's research activities. These students provide valuable contributions to the team and gain mentorship from investigators in study design, research methods, diagnostic error, patient safety, and patent partnerships. 

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