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Desiree Bradley 

Patient Advisor

Desiree Collins-Bradley is a resident of Richmond, Texas. Her passion is patient and family engagement in health care, and ensuring that patients' voices are always represented at all levels of shared decision-making.

She is a mother of three wonderful children Darius Jr, Deonc, and Daniel. Her daughter Deonc was born with a genetic disorder, Jarcho Levin Syndrome which causes severe chest cavity and skeletal structure malformations. It is extremely rare and often carries a very high mortality rate and grim prognosis. Deonc utilizes a tracheostomy and a home ventilator to breathe. Deonc's medical journey has inspired her to become an advocate not only for her daughter, but in the medical community as a whole. She believes in the pillars of family centered care and it is her passion to spread the importance and awareness of them. She has become involved in several committees at the hospital, including the Newborn Center Family Advisory Committee, of which she is the Co-chair and one of the founding members. She is also a Family Advisor for the Vermont Oxford Network, which focuses on NICU improvement projects globally, and the Project Coordinator for Project DOCC Houston, a non-profit organization focusing on the importance of partnerships between physicians and families of those taking care of a chronically ill or disabled family member. She is also a Person and Family Engagement National Faculty Member for TCPI through CMS. She is also an ambassador for PCORI as well as a patient advisor for CORE.

Most recently she has become the caregiver of her mother who suffered a massive stroke. As a result Desiree's mother was brain injured; although she was not affected physically, she was affected mentally. Watching her go from a very vibrant and social person to her having very limited speech and communication as well as memory loss has been a struggle to watch. It has given her greater insight on the needs of advocacy in the adult medical population.

Desiree Bradley 
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