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World Patient Safety Day 2023:
Engaging Patients in Patient Safety


Why are our investigators passionate
about diagnostic safety? 

Patients are at the core of the diagnostic process

Because we can make safer care!

I have had personal experience with diagnostic errors in my family so I am here o help find solutions to system's problems

Everyone deserves safe care!

Because I have seen the downstream negative effects on patients

Diagnostic errors impact all patients at some point in their lifetime

I am really passionate about patient and family experiences in healthcare and safety is a piece of this!

Because there shouldn't be such a thing as confusion when it comes to you or your family's health

Diagnostic safety is key to healthcare safety

Diagnostic safety is an important and impactful aspect of patient care and I am excited to be able to dig deep and be a part of this project!

I would like to contribute my expertise in cognitive science to dig deeper into the cognitive aspects of diagnostic decision-making

To advance patient-oriented research

Because time is precious! Consequences of diagnostic error include loss of valuable time - time for effective treatment, recovery, and living

It is a challenge to measure reliably and promote safety!

Get involved with the Patient-Partnered Diagnostic Center of Excellence

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